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Michael Green holds a BA degree from New York University, where he attended film school. He completed studies at the University of São Paulo in Brazil and hitchhiked on small planes deep into the Amazon jungle. He joined the legendary Castalia Foundation and worked on germinal light shows with Timothy Leary. Dr. Ralph Metzner introduced him to the idea that a creative life could be rooted in the tradition of the shaman-artist, a tradition reaching back to the Paleolithic cave-painters.  

Living in the Catskills for several years, he explored how the primeval art of the sacred is characterized by the intention not to express the "self" but by abandoning the self—thus opening a doorway to the Great Mystery. He gained skills as a tipi-dwelling artisan, working with wood, and stone and brought those with him to Philadelphia, where he moved in the early 1970s, to study with the venerable Sufi master Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. With that interaction, everything changed. As the mystic poet Rumi says, "God opens doors."

He began creating fine art, books and designed installations, that kept his connection with natural elements alive. In the late 1990s, he created the ground-breaking best seller, The Illuminated Rumi with poet Coleman Barks. Rumi is one of this country’s most-read poets and is a major spokesman for open, boundary-crossing spirituality. The Illuminated Rumi is still a phenomenon with over 100,000 copies in print.

While focusing on illuminating Rumi and other enlightened beings, he has developed installations such as The Arts of the Afterculture and Bridge of Light; illustrated children’s books (The Velveteen Rabbit) and most recently created a whole body of work known as Celtic Blessings. Celtic Blessings hung as a solo exhibit at the ABC Home and Carpet Store in Manhattan.

Much of this work can be seen in calendars, prints, and journals published by Amber Lotus Publishing Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Michael has exhibited at Baltimore’s Visionary Art Museum and his art hangs in private art collections and in medical centers around the country. He now lives on an organic farm in the rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley with his artist wife Sally. He occasionally tours with The Illumination Band to colleges and conferences around the country. This eclectic group transports the words of Rumi into our American vernacular—country blues. 


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