Fine Art Illuminations


Mixed media with paint, ink, collage and gold leaf on paper, canvas and metal. In medieval times, manuscripts were made more precious by illuminations in brilliant colors and gold that often served to interpret the meaning of the text. Coming full circle in this snapchat-literate age, people are drawn to the world's storehouse of images for grounding and understanding.

In the Celtic Blessings series, ancient Christian and Druid text is intertwined with the art. In The Bridge of Light series, sacred text from the great Sufi mystics accompanies the art. Amber Lotus Publishing Co. in Portland, OR, publishes the art in calendars, greeting cards and notebooks. Prints are available for all images in the galleries. Please contact the artist for more information. 

Celtic Blessing Series

Holy, Holy, Holy, 12" x 12", mixed media: ink, water color and gold leaf on paper

Ripples of delight -SG.jpg

Bridge of Light Series

Ripples of delight, 16" x 24", Ink on paper